Why sell your house to an investor

Why sell your house to an investor

Why sell your house to an investor
Hey everyone. Cameron Love here with StrykCam Real Estate Investors. Want to make a real short video here. I’m fixing to get to work. Sitting here at my computer here in my office/son’s playroom in our house, kind of a chilly morning, but wanted to make a quick video real about why you should sell your house to an investor. Why sell my house to an investor? And there are several advantages of selling to an investor.

One thing is that we will pay cash. There’s no waiting on a bank to get approved for a loan for the buyer. We have the cash. We can come, we can buy it, close fast. Usually just as soon as the title gets cleared, that could be three days or seven days. That just depends on the title work that has to be done. So paying cash, get the sale done as fast as you need to get it done, or we can close on your timeline. It doesn’t have to be fast. It can be just whenever you need to sell. So pretty flexible on whenever you need to close on the house.

Another thing is we’ll buy the property in as this condition and what that means, there are too many repairs. If the house is filthy, if you inherited it or a tenant tore the house up, you don’t have to worry about fixing it or even cleaning it out. We’ll buy the property just the way it sits to help alleviate a little bit of stress on your part. Also, there is no commission. There are no real estate agent commissions or fees of any kind, the price we agree on is the price that you’ll get. And then last we’ll pay all the closing costs. So you don’t have to come out of pocket with any kind of closing we’ll pay for all that.

And there are many other benefits to selling to an investor like us. So if you’re looking to sell fast for cash, or you inherited a property or going through foreclosure or divorce, whatever the situation is, I think we can be able to help you. And just, if it’s something that sounds like you might be interested in getting some more information on, give us a call at 801-754-0171. You can email us at info@strykcam.com. Check us out on our website and StrykCamREI.com. Have a good day, and I appreciate y’all. Thank you.
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